5/2/17 (twisted)

the hares around me never slow down
so i guess, i’ll get still and undress
and welcome the water with my eyes open
I won’t shut my eyes anymore,
like i’m supposed to be saving myself

–not today.

i walk to my room, naked,
the lights outlining my shoulder blades
and there is blood dripping from my hair,
making me feel my body and i’m scared
for i’ve forgotten the lightness of pain

–anaesthesia don’t work for this.

i sit still on the floor and hug my unshaven skin
twisted arms are such a marvelous sight
no one likes this couture anymore
but in the dark these look glamorous
so i twist them a little bit more

–it’s an order of the angels.

(artworks by: Adara Sanchez Anguiano)


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