4/28/17 (fools)

let’s talk about love
taste the smoke on my skin
grab the keys, unravel brand new insults
we’ll wear them and walk to the streets
we’ll mock the stats and the distance
we’ll look like fools.

let’s talk about love
burn my tiara and don’t
talk the same
with the ones who are sane
stop the reveries
we’ll disappear into the white zips
we’ll look like fools.

and now, come and take my hand
and now, let’s do that thing called love

it’s a hot fudge, it’s in your mother’s eyes, and it’s glamorous moan
it’s a ridiculous bond of the foolish ones who pretend
they are strong
it stains our blankets, through the sleepless nights
of ruthless strikes and bombs
it’s the laughter we shared when we ran barefoot
on splintered glass.

will you sing with me on the fluff of the clouds
as the rain pour down beneath us, down to the earth
sing with me
and will you dance with me on the fluff of the clouds
when the rain reaches our graves in earth
and we little fools will be gone in the rainbow
but we loved.


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