4/22/17 (i)

pretty hair, hairpins, classic animes inside my head
shiny black shoes, frilly white socks, and red ribbons
clean streets, happy kids, icepops in hands
yellow teeth, smooth skin, homecooked food, and
faded rubix cubes
rainy days, grey hollow skies
inside an oversized denim jacket that mom bought bargain
i held myself together as water rushes through my feet.

little lies, bougainvillea, the humming of the ground
cold feet, cherry knees, and coffee-stained teeth
silent streets, report numbers, and checkered dreams
crooked spine, pale lips, I’m the ugly with glittering eyes
sharing lipsticks, biting nails, and breaking bows
breaking vows, seeking inspiration from the screen
there’s no truth but someone has to take care of the old man, so
i push the door, push the door.



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